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Rachel Moormier

Salon  Owner

As the dedicated owner of Salon Voda, boasting 27 years of industry expertise, my passion for hairstyling knows no bounds. I find immense joy in curating positive experiences for each client who entrusts me with their hair. Every encounter brings forth unique narratives, desires, and styles, enriching both my craft and connection with the community.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, I remain deeply invested in refining my skills. Through continuous education and exploration of the latest trends and techniques, I ensure that both my clients and team benefit from the forefront of hairstyling innovation. Whether you opt for my personalized touch or the expertise of our talented staff, rest assured, we're devoted to unveiling and amplifying your natural beauty.

Embark on a journey of transformation with us at Salon Voda. Your visit promises not just a hairstyle but a celebration of your individuality and empowerment. Let us join you in unlocking your full potential – book your appointment today and experience the difference firsthand.

Rachel Moormeier

Rachel Moormier
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